Welcome to fansiefood.com. Nice to have you here!


I am Ansie and I fancy food; a.k.a. ‘FansieFood’. 

On fansiefood.com you will find easy and quick recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Easy and (most) healthy snacks, but they look nice at the same time.

Because appearance does matter, but my stomach often wants more. And eating is an even bigger hobby of mine than cooking.


Long story short: I want to make people cook again. But I do not want to make it too difficult for you, I do not like that.

I have been a vegetarian myself since I was 11, but that does not mean that you will only find vegetarian recipes on FansieFood. Because one likes to eat vegan, the other is vegetarian and another is a (conscious) meat eater. It does not matter, you do you.


I want you to cook again, but I also want my recipes to be accessible to everyone; from kitchen princess to kitchen idiot.

Food = (my) life

So what are you waiting for?

– Get cooking good looking!