There I am again with a great recipe you can make without an oven. It is not your fudgy sticky brownie that you know and love but with a very nice twist. Fulfills all your chocolate cravings and are just as tasty as the real ones! And vegan 🙂

Makes: 16 small brownies
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Equipment: Cooking pan, bowl, food processor and square baking pan

2/3 cup of dark chocolate
2 1/2 cups of basic cookies (Maria cookies)
1 cup of walnuts
teaspoon of coconut oil for greasing
1 2/3 cups of sweetened condensed soy milk
recipe can be found here:

First grease the baking pan with coconut oil so nothing will stick. Then place the cooking pan on low with a few centimeters of water in it. Place the large bowl on the pan and make sure that the bowl does not touch the water, this is called au bain-marie. Put in the condensed milk and chocolate in the dish and let it slowly heat up until the chocolate melts.

Put all cookies in the food processor and mix until it is crumbly, such as sand. If you have a smaller food processor like me, do it in parts, a handful of cookies at a time. Put all the crumbs in a large bowl to store. Now also put the walnuts through the food processor, or finely chop them on a cutting board with a sharp knife. Make them not as fine as the cookie crumbs but a little larger. Different texture is tasty in this recipe!

When all the chocolate has melted, add the sauce together with the cake crumbs and the walnuts, save some walnuts so that you can put them on the end as a decoration. Stir well so that it is 1 whole and you no longer see light crumbs. Put the whole mixture in the greased form and press gently until it is in 1 layer.

Now just be patient … put it in the fridge for 4 hours, then you can eat it all!